Vision Statement

"Care, Significance, Purpose"

With a foundation of distinctly Christian Values at our core, Cossington CE Primary School aims to offer an inclusive and inspirational learning environment where every learner is warmly welcomed and can say:

I am cared for because God loves me and calls me to care for others.’ 

‘I am significant because God chose to create me and everyone else in his image.’ 

‘I have purpose because God created me, and everyone else, with their own unique personality and abilities.’ 

All of these are rooted in our Christian beliefs that God is a God of Love, Grace and Faithfulness.  

Below are documents that show how our mission statement is enacted in school and the outcomes this leads to for our children.


The documents below show the theological basis of our vision statement that has been created by our governing board and the Leicester Diocese Board of Education Vision document.

Christian distinctiveness our vision and theological basis (1).pdf