Collective Worship

At Cossington C of E Primary School, the whole school takes part in a daily act of collective worship. This is an inclusive and invitational act of worship and is usually led by a school adult or a member of our local church community. To find out full details about our collective worship aims and intentions, please read the policy opposite.

Collective Worship January 2022-24.pdf

Our acts of worship are linked each half term to one of our school's Christian Values and themes are drawn from these values as well as from wider world events and the church calendar. Through our half termly cycle the children also learn a bible story orally and explore the meaning and themes within it.

Children at our school play an active part in Collective Worship and are able to join our Pupil Collective Worship Team. These children support the worship by preparing the hall, working with adults about the content of the worship and by taking an active part in the worship itself by leading it or supporting the adult leading it.

Timetable of Collective Worships

Monday - Whole School Collective Worship - 9.30am

Tuesday - Whole School Singing - 1.30pm

Wednesday - Class Reflections (Follow up work and worship)

Thursday - Whole School Collective Worship - 1.30pm

Friday - Whole School Achievement and Celebration Worship - 1.30pm