For 2023/2024 pupils will be admitted to Reception (Acorn Class) with a cohort size set for 15 children.  Admissions into Years 1-6 are set at 15 for each year group but are in classes of 2 year groups with a maximum size of 30 children in each class - Year 1 & 2 Seedlings Class, Year 3 & 4 Saplings Class and Year 5 & 6 Oaks Class.

All admission applications should be made through the Leicestershire Local Authority website.

 Contact by Phone: 01163056684     Email:


Appeals for a Primary School place must be made through the Leicestershire Local Authority website (see the link below).

If you wish to apply for a place for your child we would encourage you to make an appointment with the Head Teacher to be given a guided tour of our school.  The best time to visit our school for proposed entry into Reception would be the autumn term before your child is due to start.  All admissions to school are made via Leicestershire County Council and the full admissions policy and criteria can be read below.

lcc-admissions-policy-2024-25 (3).pdf