E-Safety Zone

At Cossington all children know how important it is to stay safe online.

We follow the SMART rules approach to staying safe online and these are revisited throughout the computing curriculum and during our whole school collective worships, these rules are:

S- Safe

M- Meet

A- Accepting

R- Reliable

T- Tell


Through our computing and Jigsaw PSHE lessons we also discuss and learn that:

  • If you see something you don't like always to 'See it, Minimise it, Report it'.

  • Don't post anything online that you wouldn't want a stranger, your parents or even your headteacher to see.

  • Don't reveal your name, address or school name to anyone you don't know online.

  • Follow the same safety precautions as you would in 'real-life' ; if you wouldn't tell a stranger on the street where you live them don't tell them online.

Each computing unit has an E-safety strand within it, so that, regardless of which area of computing is being studied, E-safety is always a priority. We also take part in the national E-safety Day with special lessons dedicated to learning how to stay safe online.

Online safety

Please find below a quick guide below on social media safety .


Every week, our Deputy Designated Safeguarding leads shares updates on ways to keep safe across a variety of online games, social media accounts and devices from the National Online Safety website via our school's WeDuc communication app.

These can also be found below, please look out for additional guidance each week.

Parent Guides- Tablets and Phones

Amazon Fire Tablets.pdf
how to set up parental controls iphone.pdf
parental controls android.pdf
Appropriate content guidance.pdf
setting up new devices.pdf
Limit age content iPhone.pdf

Parent Guides- Online Gaming

Fifa 23 PDF.pdf
fortnite chapter 3 guidance.pdf
Cross-Platform Gaming.pdf
Xbox Series X and S.pdf
Among Us.pdf
Call of Duty.pdf
Pokemon Go.pdf

Parent Guides- Cyber-bullying and Mental Health

Mental Health week online guidance.pdf
share kindness online.pdf
Cyber Bullying PDF.pdf
back to school esafety tips for children.pdf
Under 5s Safety Tips.pdf
Supporting children.pdf
Check in on your friends.pdf
Deep Fakes.pdf
Tackling Hate.pdf
Dealing with Grief.pdf
Group Chats.pdf
Loneliness online.pdf

Parent Guides- Social Media and Online Streaming Platforms

netflix guidance.pdf
snapchat guidance.pdf
tik tok guidance.pdf
YouTube Kids.pdf
Streaming Apps.pdf