Lower Key Stage 2 Curriculum

Saplings class

From September 2014 the school started to deliver a new curriculum in line with the new national initiatives. For detailed information see: National Curriculum Framework

As children move into Key Stage 2 they continue to experience an ever broadening critical-thinking curriculum that includes all areas of National Curriculum. In LKS2, writing is taught through the 'Talk for Writing' approach and involves children imitating and internalising a text type, innovating a shared writing piece and eventually inventing a new 'Hot Task' piece of writing with a particular writing focus.

Our maths approach follows the national framework guidelines and focuses heavily on arithmetic for the first term with the children then able to apply these skills to reasoning and maths problems, when appropriate. Wherever possible cross-curricular links are made throughout the topic lessons and act as a stimulus and purpose to write. Similarly, opportunities to teach maths through subjects such as science and geography are sought.

Each term the children's work will be focused around specific topics ; the children complete six topic units across a two-year rolling cycle with topics like

Go with the Flow, Ancient Antics and Frozen Kingdom.

Children continue to take part in inspiration days and end product events with parents actively encouraged to join in learning throughout. Click on the images below to see the topic learning overviews for each unit of work in Year 3 and 4.

"Practical science work in Saplings"

"Children in the Saplings class teaching their parents all about the Digestive System."


Reading continues to be a priority throughout LKS2 through 2-3 whole class reading lessons each week that cover a wide variety of text types including poetry, song lyrics, novels and non-fiction webpage articles. The children have daily opportunities to read their own texts for pleasure and have a high-levelled class novel read to them everyday by their class teacher.

Members of staff continually assess and monitor children's performance to ensure that each child is given adequate support and challenge where appropriate.

Provision for More Able Children

Every child in our school is encouraged to achieve their potential. We have a dedicated and talented team of teachers, and support workers, who provide extension materials and activities to meet the needs of each individual.

Year 3 and 4 Topic Curriculum Maps

Curriculum LTP Saplings Year B adapted by CN.pdf
Curriculum LTP Saplings Year A.pdf