Inspiration Days and End Products

At Cossington, we want to inspire children to engage fully in their topics and begin every new topic with an 'Inspiration Day'. These days act as a starting point for every learner, introducing the learning to come and inspiring curiosity and enthusiasm for the topic to come. The days may involve at trip to an inspirational location, a visit from an expert in the topic or even dressing up/role play days in school. Below are some examples of inspirations days:

Visiting Coventry Transport Museum

Dinosaur Explorers Day

The Music Man Visits

Roman Invasion Day

Space VR Event

Nocturnal Animal Visitors

Frozen World Day

Anglo Saxon Visitors

When topics end, our children are proud of the learning that has taken place and want to show off what they have learned. Through the topics they work towards 'End Products' to share with parents. Our 'End Products' are an opportunity for parents to come into school and learn alongside their child, view work completed , tour an exhibition or watch a performance. Below are some examples of our 'End Product' events:

Healthy Food Cafe

Medieval Banquet

Building for the Little Pigs

Rocks and Fossils Museum

Dutch Koffiehuis

Egyptian Museum

Computer Game Exhibition

RE Exhibition